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Golf Australia have advised the removal of COVID19 Rules to conclude by the end of April 2023. 

Golf Australia today have advised the removal of COVID19 Rules to conclude by the end of April 2023. This will affect clubs currently using the self-score submission method. Clubs already using the player's marker recording method will incur no change.

To comply with these requirements the MiScore App will be amended to have the player's marker record the scores and submit at conclusion. This will include capturing both player and markers signatures prior to score submission.

Once implemented, for a pairing whom both players score via the app they will record each other's score, sign and submit.

In the circumstance of a pairing whereby only one player is using the app, the app user will need to source a physical scorecard to provide to their marker. 

MiClub will action this change to the MiScore App between 24th and 28th April, which will be applied in an update to the system during the evening so not to affect daily competitions. This will ensure the deadline of 1 May 2023 as per notice from Golf Australia is achieved.  

Prior to this changeover, MiClub will provide a set of instructions to clubs to provide to members explaining the changes within the MiScore app.

Both signatures are digitally recorded in the MiClub Golf system along with hole-by-hole score entries for both devices for committee/staff reference.

We would encourage you to communicate this coming change to members at your club via club newsletter and on your website.

Should you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to get in contact through email: support@miclub.com.au or phone: 08 9444 5300.

Should your club require further clarification of these rule changes, please contact Golf Australia rules&handicapping@golf.org.au.